A wet Sunday in Rivington

Happy new year... blah blah… it's 2019.. where did 2018 go?.. on holiday and it never came back. So here I am.. starting the new year full of vigour and enthusiasm... I mean to go on..
Arranged to spend a Sunday out in the wilds of the Yarrow reservoir and leadmine's clough.. I have done a thousand waterfalls like many but not for a while and besides, I was mentor for the day for a good mate of mine Adam. He's just acquired a tasty Nikon with a 40mm 2.8 macro and wanted to get amongst the mushrooms and dirt.. ( someone has to! ). It never got that close, apart from Adam tumbling down exactly the same ravine I had four years ago as we attempted another foolish shoot of an inaccessible fabulous, torrential waterfall. You think you're kitted out for it don't you?.. decent boots, camouflage, gloves and balaclava ( oops.. wrong blog... ), but no.. doesn't stop the mud, or the filthy water, or the looks of bemusement from the dog-walkers on the 'normal' path. Anyhow, Adam mastered LE, I got to sample some choco-leibnitz biscuits and wrapped off a few 70-odd second exposures with the 10-stop bad-ass. We both left happy men. You've got to end a wet Sunday in Rivington with a steak and ale pie and a pint right?.. yes, and thanks to The Crown we did, thoroughly recommend 'The Quencher' which is a decent Wigan ale. I dropped Adam of in his native Leigh and I took the scenic route back home, filthy, damp, cold... love it.
Too many rainy Sundays...

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