Sardinia & Corsica

Burning up in Italy & France

I have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively throughout Italy and Sardinia has always eluded me, mainly because it's always been too expensive but I managed to get a couple of weeks in the beautiful old town of Alghero on the northwest coast. The beaches and the mountains here are something else and thanks to a good bus service I got to see many places during my stay which included the colourful houses of Bosa, Capo Caccia, Stintino and La Pelosa (c/w a million people), Bombarde and Fertillia, the towns and villages on the north coast and even finding my way across the straight to the French Island of Corsica. Of course I indulged to my heart's content on the exquisite food and drink and the language but the scenery blew me away, griffon vultures soaring above the cliffs above the bus on the coast road to Bosa, stunning views from Castelsardo, the grime and chemicals of Porto Torres to the port of Santa Teresa Gallura where you catch the ferry to Corsica.I could have gone on to the northeast where such crass delights await in the shape of Porto Cervo and the millionaires playground but that wasn't really my thing. I must have walked 40 miles in two weeks, most of it in over 100 degree heat.. and I loved it. The same cannot be said of Bonifacio in Corsica I can say, as rude people who have no time for you except your money await in the ridiculously-expensive bars and eateries on the marina and above in the town, although I did get to meet a couple of decent people there who supplied me with a delicious sandwich of salami and cheese washed down with a glass of their own red ( I bought a bottle which didn't make it home but made one of my nights on the balcony in my hotel ).
So.. Sardinia.. an island full of proud people.. can't wait to return.

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