Caithness, Scottish Highlands

There can be only one...

March.. wild, wet and bitterly cold.. I am in Caithness in the Scottish Highlands and I am in heaven. After a flight to Inverness and a long drive up the wonderful A9 coast road I plonked my feet once again on Scottish soil.
I have five days to capture this amazing place.. not easy when you are working the daytime and I have only limited light available for a few hours in the early evening. I managed to get over to John o Groats where I had my photograph taken with some friends of mine before spending the next few evenings and a spare afternoon exploring the eastern and northern coasts.. Dunnet beach and the half-abandoned harbour at Castletown, back over to a crazy evening getting battered by high winds and sea spray to photograph the Trinkie Pool, south of Wick ( my base for the week ) and a highlight of mine: descending ( and ascending! ) the Whaligoe Steps to photograph the outcrops and cliffs ( made famous by Billy Connolly and subsequently painted by Jack Vetriano.. ). Wick is a lonely place, undergoing something of a transformation on the harbour side, the old fishing trade has long gone, to be replaced with new business and renovated buildings which hopefully will bring new people and jobs into this otherwise almost deserted town. I did get to discover the whiskey.. and delicious it is too.. I came back with a bottle of Old Pultney which has become a firm favourite of mine but I never got to see dolphins, orcas or indeed my old friend Amelia in Brora but I will definitely return here.. and soon.. how could I resist the allure of hundreds of ruined clifftop castles and deserted beaches?
Whaligoe.. Scottish Highlands

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