Among the dead in Rossendale

A few nights ago I headed off to an old haunt ( excuse the pun ) of mine - Rossendale.. with a friend of mine, Mark Pollitt. After a fruitless half hour at the Halo due to joyriders insisting on driving in and around the giant blue UFO we gave up and headed for Goodshaw Chapel in Crawshawbooth. Another fruitless half hour as an inept security guard in a car insisted on blocking the gateway to the old chapel. It was the first time I had encountered security here and the first time I had seen lights inside the building. On my own life I saw 2 figures pass by the window on the first floor, but the security guard insisted the building was empty. We left with images of ghosts or imprints from the past and made the visit even more bewildering albeit disappointing. We almost gave up the night when I remembered Higher Cloughfold, an area which used to be called Kirk before the 16th Century church of St Nicholas was built. An open gateway with long-gone Victorian lantern awaitied us and took us into the dark churchyard where strange shadows played with our minds and eyes. There is a lot to see here, if you really open your eyes.. maybe the dead have not entirely gone as I distincly heard an old mans voice say "what do you want here". Mark heard it too.. there was nobody else here, hiding or not so we simply said that we were taking some pictures. Funnily enough my uneasiness wained and I felt totally at peace here. Photographing the ancient stone steps and the iron gates in the moon light was a real experience. Mark was drawn to a particular grave and managed to capture strange shapes and lights, even taking a short video or orbs and streaks of lights in the infrared gloom. I could have spent hours here but the clock was ticking into tomorrow... we left those behind the gates to rest... hopefully in peace.

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