Cockerham Sands 19th June

After a long wet spring, some hot intermissions and further downpours I took myself out with the new gear to put it through it's paces. I thought I would go back to Lytham but after getting off the M55 and driving for 20 minutes I soon realised when I saw the sign for Garstang I was going north instead of South... so... I did what any other intrepid landscaper would do (?) and decided to carry on, sod Lytham and head for Cockerham sands and the ruined abbey at the southern end of the Lune estuary. I've been here before with Jacob Martin a few years back and this time I was determined to explore further. Of course the tide was in so any plans to walk out to Plover Scar lighthouse were scuppered there and then but I did manage to get to the edge of the rocky causeway. I shot a few images of the lighthouse and the vast expanse of shingle and rock leading away to the north and Heysham in the distance, The 17-40 is a gorgeous lens in my opinion and coupled with a 5D2 it's even better. I deliberately left the tripod and the ND's at home, wanting to record of a bit of reality along the shore and up on the field where the only substantial remains of the abbey are left, being the bizarre semi-octagonal chapter house, it's hard to believe most of this was built about 900 years ago.
Before the rain came I did manage to spend a while at the derelict farmhouse behind the abbey, though still used as a silage store the hulk of the building is still standing albeit with dilapidated windows and crooked doorways. I didn't venture inside, I will save that for next time.. or leave it for the urbex crew...

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