Mostly Mono and a 6 month sabbatical

My God where have I been since returning from Scotland?... well I have started a new job, working long hours and not had much 'me' time since January but finally I can now begin again and acquire a couple of new cameras and will be re-discovering my passion for film and medium format in particular.. plus that elusive 5DMK3 that has had my name on it for 2 years will have a new home in my kit bag alongside those lovely Giottos CF legs... I'm easily pleased!.
At the beginning of April I found some time to get to Cheadle Hulme in leafy Cheshire for the opening night of Sue Berry and Jacob Martin's new photographic exhibition "Mostly Mono", housed at the wonderful, compact and Bijou Wolfgang Webster Gallery. It was a great night with a good crowd packed into the front of the gallery admiring Sue & Jacob's latest work which is excellent in my opinion. Both photographers had worked very hard to get their work ready as you could tell from the print quality and the display, a deserved mention to Wolfgang who is a cracking bloke and has much in common with yours truly, reminiscing over the heady days of the Manchester music scene 1979 onwards and the sad demise of Rochdale's live music venues after the 1980's.
But back to the exhibition.. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, met some lovely people and of course was extremely proud of Sue and J, being not just great photographers but great friends too and I miss those trips out across Britain. Mostly mono has now finished it's 4-week run and here's to them both for some after-sales and further networking. Being there drove home the need to come out of hibernation and for me to start making my own photographs again, travelling further to more mysterious locations... watch this space!.

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