July - pt 2

A nightcall to Anglesey...

Sometimes, after promising yourself to photograph a spectacular place before the light appears in the sky so many times you just have to bite the bullet and get 2 hours sleep or in my case, no sleep at all.. after much planning with tides, light direction, weather and what to put in my sandwiches I picked Sue Berry up and drove down to Anglesey, along the magnificent A55 and over the Britannia bridge. We had a plan: pre-dawn at Penmon Point lighthouse and Puffin Island followed by the abandoned brickworks at Llanbadrig , up to the old church on the cliff, and an attempt to survive the woods at Baron Hill on the way back to Menai. Arriving in pitch black, chucking it down and apprehensive at the toll road to Penmon I wondered if we were just mad or would the weather clear and bring us some great images..
Luckily it did, and driving further on at 3.40am and walking down to the beach in silence was one of those moments that just stays with you like a personal tattoo. Standing there, the only sound being the haunting toll of the bell on from the lighthouse in the gloom, watching the searching light as it draped it's ghostly blanket across the black water... this is why I pick up a camera and drive for hours, get soaked and cold.. to be part of this, when millions are in bed.. how could you miss this..?. Two hours or so of shooting so much gorgeous quality of light, watching Puffin Island rimmed with the first rays of the sun like a gigantic turtle on fire.. I might have described the scene poetically but you really have to see this for yourself.
Tearing yourself away from Penmon, a 20 minute drive and a few clever turns up forgotten tracks takes you to a farm gate, a short walk from here takes you to another spectacular place.. the Camaes brickworks, down on the old harbour, abandoned since 1917 and after braving man-eating plants and a steep.. steep downward track to the platform you arrive at a quite breath-taking scene, Hoffmann kilns, chimneys, mill buildings.. something quite out of place for a coastal scene but then you can see how the bricks were transported from here.. thanks to the sea.
I won't wax lyrical about the next hour or so.. or indeed the cake and tea at Anne's Pantry in Moelfre.. but at 8am I thought a return to Hen Capel Din Lligwy was a good idea... ( great light.. but one eye on a massive bull watching me with both of his... ).. we never did get to be eaten by wolves at Baron Hill, that will have to wait... 1.00pm and England.. and bed.. was calling.

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