I currently live in Bury, Lancashire and for the last thirty years or so I have had a passion and fascination for visiting and photographing weird, wonderful & often frightening places ... a concoction of light & dark, dreamlike & nightmarish landscapes and ethereal visions straight out of my head. These visions are further fuelled from my love of books, music, films, poetry, art and many personal experiences since my childhood, stoked up with interests from the occult and the supernatural world that I have always believed to be there but unseen by many who dismiss it. I haven't much time for much of the modern world, instead finding more and more inspiration away from the towns and cities and immersing myself in wild and desolate landscapes where I find I am at my happiest and most creative.
Whilst most of my work is in monochrome you will find the odd niche here and there where colour has taken a tentative hold..


I learned the art of photography in chemicals and paper from the mid-eighties onwards whilst at Art College in Lancashire, building my own darkrooms, using infrared and black & white film.
I have grown up and lived all my life in and around north Manchester and back then there were still plenty of solid remnants of the north's dark historical and industrial past to be seen and photographed, then suddenly.. most of it was gone to make way for a modern world. Here I started making pictures with a tank-like Russian Zenit camera and later Nikon and Pentax film cameras... Like many other photographers I now use mainly digital cameras but I am reverting more and more back to film and the wonder and unpredictability I once loved so much.

Please feel free to drop me a line or a comment, they are always welcome and I always acknowledge every one.


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